The first step would be to contact us by phone at 780.984.7905.

Next step is to Connect

Please call before downloading. Once downloaded run the program.

Please give the numeric ID and password that shows in the Team Viewer window to the technician assisting you.

The client has the ability to view and chat while the remote session is taking place.

More Information

Worried about security?

Once the tech has disconnected from you, the client can be deleted from your computer. The id and password that you've given to us has been randomly generated, meaning once you've disconnected the combination of id and password have been discarded. We can not connect to your computer again unless you follow the remote assistance steps above.

Pay Online

Want the convenience of paying online for your remote session?

We have Paypal setup just for you!

Session Pricing

Questions? Contact Larotech at (780) 984-7905 or email us at